Samir Koukou | I'm Koukou (Bosy Phon, 1974)

Discogs lists only two singles and no full-length albums for Samir Koukou; it catalogs just one 45 RPM for the Bosy Phon label -- this is it. Regardless, Egyptian sha'abi artist Samir Koukou survived into the cassette era, as evidenced by this Soundcloud posting featuring a rip from a cassette titled An Evening with Samir Koukou. If you Google "سمير كوكو" you'll find evidence of another cassette as well.

What you won't receive any returns for is a Discogs search for "أنا كوكو". This is because whoever posted the information originally provided the B side, "معلهش يا حياتي" for both sides A and B.

Regardless, this is a terrific, impossible-to-find sha'abi one-two punch that we are absolutely thrilled to share with you today; we hope you wind up loving it as much as we do.

(Listen to "Ana Koukou")

(Listen to "Muealhish Ya Hayaati")


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